3 Mobile / Shop-in-shop concept for HMV / Wham

3 Mobile was the UK's first video mobile network. The pioneering ‘See Music’ campaign and shop-in-shop concept was especially developed for HMV to demonstrate how the 3 Mobile offer could complement that of the entertainment store and work within an HMV retail environment.

Dinny Hall / Brand identity / AIG

In 2005 Dinny Hall celebrated 20 years in business with a new brand identity to support her position as one of Britain’s foremost contemporary jewellery designers. Designed to appeal to the target consumer who is both feminine and strong. A new hallmark was developed and elements from it were used to create a series of decorative patterns.

Iriver / Brandbook / AIG / Illustration Sofie Eliasson

Designed to reflect Iriver's brand attitude: a young company that can break the rules of the portable music and media player business. This pocket-sized brandbook was included in all product packaging.

ARM / Brand identity / The Partners

ARM is one of Nigeria’s leading asset management and financial advisory firms. In a high-risk financial landscape it was essential that the brand communicated ARM’s defining business principles of integrity, commitment to excellence, innovation and teamwork.

Hotpoint / Brandbook / Wolff-Olins

The book communicates the brand idea 'designed for the real world' through unpretentious everyday language and realistic photography of daily life.

Home Computing Partnership / Logo / Futurebrand

Logo for a UK government initiative to encourage more personal computer ownership. The long-term goal was for paperless administration and that relies on all citizens having easy access to a computer.

Royal Mail Stamps / Civil War presentation pack / Roundel

Presentation pack for a set of stamps commemorating the 350th anniversary of the start of the English Civil War. The graphic theme is a typographic battle between Cromwell and Charles I, based on military manuals from the period.

Royal Mail Stamps / £10 Britannia / Roundel / Illustration Barry Craddock

The high face value was a defining aspect of the design, with the visual language of banknotes being a key influence. The design had to be extremely complex, difficult to print and include many security features in order to prevent forgeries.

Trainload Freight / Calendar / Roundel / Photography Stuart Redler

The theme for this calendar was 'revealed'. The months are displayed on short pages which, when lifted up, reveal another part of the image that shows the context and scale of what is happening in the image.